This large international organisation conducts special emergency operations in war and disaster zones. Its people are on standby for rapid deployment wherever in the world disaster strikes. The organisation supplies, controls, plans and coordinates all necessary resources within its field of control.


Special emergency operations are complex. Planning and coordination is vital in the fast-changing conditions often inherent to emergency situations. The organisation’s leaders needed access to detailed plans across multiple levels, geographical areas and timeframes.

However, participants in the operations used different planning approaches and frameworks that made accurate, timely communications difficult. Plans were manually updated. Stakeholders were unable to see how their role fit into the broader plan.

The organisation needed a better approach to planning and planning tools and better links into partners’ information. The challenge was to create up-to-date, accurate plans for decision-makers that would allow them to deal with a large number of ‘moving parts’.


The key to operational response planning is the ability to work consistently with many participants. Decision makers also need to be able to assess all social, political, economic and environmental factors in order to obtain a global view of the operational area and then to send in appropriate support.

ThoughtWeb configured the Joint Plan Builder (JPB) to give planners access to an integrated planning system. It enabled the requisite global awareness to allow them to efficiently adapt plans that involve multiple participants. JPB brought all the key information together about a country into one place, eliminating the need to manually take information about a country from a variety of data sources.

Specialist planning tools were integrated into the system to allow a standard approach to creating a plan. The organisation could now draw from a single source of truth to create a plan in response to a specific situation.


JPB is integrated, robust and web-based, with adaptive campaigning capability and fast, intuitive browser access. Its implementation enhanced efficiency by capturing all types of data and producing relevant reports, and by automatically prioritising projects based on set parameters.

All participants have good visibility and planners have consistent access to the information they need in easily visualised formats. The solution has made processes easy, scalable and collaborative. It has improved knowledge sharing between participants based all over the globe. The organisation no longer needs to continually collect data and now uses templates to create plans in response to a disaster.

Now, when a change is made in one plan, information feeds into the central database, which sends the information out to all other plans in the system, thereby ensuring all plans are kept current.

JPB has improved the organisation’s ability to plan large and complex responses.


Large international organisation


Joint Plan Builder (JPB)