This large international organisation conducts multiple special operations concurrently all over the globe, planning, supplying and coordinating all necessary resources within its field of control. It is responsible for more than 50,000 people and associated equipment and supplies.


The organisation works with a number of other bodies, and was collaborating, tracking, summarising, analysing reports, and creating reports and briefings manually.

Trying to manually manage and make sense of data originating from participants around the world hampered the shared understanding of risk, incidents, activities and assets required between stakeholders. The organisation could not respond quickly enough to unfolding events and was potentially jeopardising safety. It needed a better solution to improve decision-making and response times.


ThoughtWeb configured the Operations Decisions Center as a flexible workspace that provides integrated, collaborative decision-making capabilities. Decision makers can now keep on top of a changing situation in near real time from a web browser.


The Operations Decisions Center allows an accurate, personalised view of a situation in near real time. This allows for more effective group communication in context and better visibility of progress and accountability. Less effort is now spent collecting information, and more time is spent analysing and interpreting data to drive individual decisions and group outcomes.

The organisation now has full knowledge sharing and retention across the full scope of operations.


Large international organisation


Operations Decision Center